FAQs & PCFs (pretty cool facts)

Is there really a little red barn?

Yes, there really is! It sits behind Alice’s house, and you can catch glimpses of it on this blog, and see it in person at the sale! It’s got a style all its own. Originally built to hold yard equipment and such, it now holds furniture, projects, and pieces waiting to be restyled and restored and available to you twice a year when The Little Red Barn Sale opens its doors (and front porch, and yard, and driveway) in the spring and fall.

What is the Little Red Barn Sale?

The Little Red Barn Sale is a twice a year (spring and fall) sale by local artists and artisans, dreamed up, fueled, and hosted, by the passions of           Alice Vander Veen. A lot of us are related and all of us are friends, and Alice had the vision to bring us all together so we could bring our creations and passions to you. And she is just getting started! She hopes to bring together more and more artists and artisans with each sale, and to be able to support a charity or ministry with proceeds from each sale. She’s always on the lookout for new vendors.

What else is Alice passionate about?

She loves to see shy and hesitant artists and artisans step into their creativity with gusto! And she loves to encourage moms with small children to pursue their creative passions, make a little money, and still get the time they want with their children. Alice is a dreamer and her dreams are contagious!

How does one become a vendor for The Little Red Barn?

You can email us (thelittleredbarnnorcross@gmail.com) and we’ll take it from there! We look forward to meeting you and seeing if your particular style will add yet another facet to the beauty, charm, and whimsy of The Little Red Barn.

(c) 2011 Carrie Ott