Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fall Sale date!

Hi Everyone!
We have set the date for the Little Red Barn Fall sale!
It is set for Saturday, November 17.  We will be having this
sale at the same time that the city of Norcross will be having the "Harvest Market and Art Show" in Thrasher Park.  The Little Red Barn Sale will be participating along with this show.  We will advertise and be represented down at the park to draw people to our sale back at my house on North Peachtree Street.  Advertising will be encouraging the idea of gift-giving for the upcoming holidays. Furniture will also be available even though that seems to do best in the Spring sale. 
I have been emailing several of you who are interested in being a
vendor at the sale.  I have not forgotten about you!!  Here at the beginning of  August, my daughter is settling at college and
my sister and I are starting up in a new booth at a local antique mall.
The Little Red Barn Sale will be getting organized starting at the beginning of September.
We will have a button that we can all put on facebook,
and other media places as well to advertise for the sale.
Alice Vander Veen


Susan said...

GO Alice!!!

TheLittleRedBarn said...

So excited!

Jen @ frazzled 5 said...

Wonderful, thanks for sharing! I will try to attend. (I Work off of PIB)